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Let’s Connect!

Source Seminars offers a full immersion retreat into self reflection which is specifically designed to free the soul so that you can begin living your life with a higher and happier purpose.

Welcome to the world’s BEST inter-reflective self-healing retreat in the world. Where you take an inner dive into untangling your mind and freeing your heart.

Get ready for a transformation through a profound Journey, where you will be guided through proven exercises of self-discovery.


What’s Source Seminars?

It’s a private retreat that is designed to guide you on your inner journey of personal awareness and growth.  It’s a detox of your mind, heart and habits.  It’s a place where you’ll learn how to overcome your internal struggles, make conscious change so that you can move forward through your life with a deeper understanding of who you are and how to connect with what is important to you!

This is not your ordinary retreat!  You’ll re-ignite your connections and empower your heart through proven processes to bring back True Joy and Love.

Who should attend Source Seminars?

  • If you think you don’t need it, you need it more than anyone!
  • If you desire more joy, happiness and love in your life, this is for you!
  • If your life just “sucks” right now and you need a fresh start, then this is for you!
  • If you want to deepen your connection with “Source” (whatever that means to you) this is for you!
  • If you just have some cobwebs that need sweeping out, this is for you!
  • If you want a greater understanding of who you are, this is for you!
  • If you want to kick-start your life into a whole new gear, this is for you!
  • If you just want MORE out out of your life, Sign up NOW!

Testimonial: In the Illumination Training, I learned practical tools to process in my daily life so that I don’t carry the wounds from the painful challenges with me. I learned how to get in touch with my emotions that were holding me back and release the bonds of my mind that caused the pain to form. I have recommitted and deepened my devotion to my chosen spiritual path. It has been six weeks since the training, and I have more momentum and passion to continue on my new journey than ever before. I feel lighter and happier since I learned how to step into my True Self!” anonymous


Course Descriptions

Each course has a unique focus and is specifically designed to build on each other.  Yes, each course does ‘stand alone,’ as well as offering you steps to go deeper.

Teen Training

Teen Training:

Is an experientially based training that will incorporate meditation, intentional breath-work, sound healing, emotional release-work and ongoing Socratic interaction between the trainers and teens regarding the teens’ progression of their self-inquiry and unfolding awareness.

This program will enable your teen to make future decisions from a more judicious, rational, and wise vantage point.

The goal is to give teens an experience of their True and Highest Selves which they will then be able to utilize as a touchstone and anchor when making decisions and choosing directions in the oft times difficult currents of teen life.

Please feel free to contact us with further questions or concerns, or private discussion regarding your child:

Kerry Smith (619) 341-2604 kerrylee@kerryleesmith.com

Source Journey: December 3rd-9th 2017

Source Journey: $2997

The Journey will give you the opportunity to free yourself of emotional and mental destructive patterns that are re-occurring in your life.  With a new found freedom you can re-design your life to reach new heights in whatever areas of life you choose.

It’s an experientially based training that will incorporate meditation, intentional breath-work, sound healing, emotional release-work and ongoing Socratic interaction between the trainers and participant regarding progression of their self-inquiry and unfolding awareness.

For more information, call Kerry Lee Smith (619)341-2604 or email KerryLee@KerryLeeSmith.com

Illumination: November 12th-18th 2017

Illumination: $2997

You go to Illumination to awaken your heart and quiet your mind.  This training will connect you deeply with your heart and heal your heart from past traumas.  This allows the heart the freedom to experience much higher levels of love, joy and forgiveness.

For information please call or email Kerry Lee Smith (619)341-2604 KerryLee@KerryLeeSmith.com



Source Seminar Summer 2017 Dates

All Source Seminar trainings are held at our Idyllwild Private Inshallah Retreat Center

Illumination: November 12th-18th 2017

Source Journey:  December 3rd-9th 2017


Testimonial:   “By going thru this seminar, I feel as if I have come across the answers to all my prayers…..My journey ends where this line of study begins. And its not really a study, a religion, or even a ‘spiritual practice’, as I am used to these being times set apart to do something like a ritual, or meditation, or exercises. No this is beyond all that. It is a doable method of disciplining my mind to stop torturing me!  So if you too are beset with your own thoughts which take up all your attention, and then would like to make them STOP so you can enjoy life, …. have I caught your attention??  I hope so…. Thank you Michael Singer, author of the book ‘The Untethered Soul”  and thank you so much to the ones who expanded on that book to create a course that sings of freedom and joy, Kanta and Dennis. Again, just amazing cutting edge info and methods presented to anyone who wishes to feel real change, without doing anything really but read the book and practice its wisdom. It is something you won’t want to overlook. Happiness is so much easier to achieve now. So thank you to all my compadres, my teachers, my God, who made this leg of the journey thru life so much the richer.” Michelle Mann

Testimonial:  “Since Illumination, I have made a real commitment to deepen my spiritual life and to engage in daily spiritual practices that allow me to meet this goal. I have experienced the beginnings of a transformation of my Self and recognize that it is only the beginning. I am experiencing a deeper understanding of things that I “knew” or became aware of in the past that is allowing me to begin to move past the “beliefs” that I allowed to limit me in the past. I have such a greater awareness of the presence of God in my life and who I truly am – my Soul and not my PS. I can feel an opening of my heart to where I am experiencing the Joy that is my destiny. Weekly I am recognizing seemingly little beliefs or conditions that my PS had constructed to limit my ability to experience Joy and Love. I am awake to those false beliefs and conditions and am choosing to not give them energy. Instead I am giving energy to the awakening Joy and Love that is filling my soul. This is something that I could not have achieved alone. The experience of Source, with Kanta and Dennis as guides and with my compadres as witnesses, teachers, and cohorts has catapulted my awakening and my spiritual life. I feel such gratitude for the week that I spent in Illumination and for the continued support and work of my buddy and compadres. It has been the best gift that I have given myself and my family.” Deborah Tweit

Testimonial:  “When the November session of Source Illumination was offered, I felt it would be a good assist to achieve a little more balance in my life and provide a boost in strengthening my spiritual practice.  Not only did it deliver as hoped on both fronts – it was off the charts in terms of concrete results. It is customary for grads of each Source program to follow up with buddies, communicate with all the participants regularly, and keep themselves accountable for commitments they individually have made. Illumination takes it a step further with daily tangible techniques to get us through the rough spots. There is a strong peace of mind that accompanies me as I proceed through my day, directly attributable to things I learned at this training. When I slip a little as we humans are apt to do….there is no “beating myself up”. There is acknowledgement of what transpired, any emotional responses are processed, we observe the situation and move on, with the comfort of knowing we are doing the best we can with our egos. Staying in our “Higher Self” as much as possible we cultivate the seeds for a life that is much more aligned with God than ever before.” Bobbi Lona


The time is now to uplift your life, infuse joy in every aspect of your being and dive into spirit bliss!

Enroll in The Source Seminar’s today and give yourself the BEST gift that keeps giving.

Choose Self-Love!


What is the enrollment process?

Once you have been approved to attend through a conversation with one of the head facilitators, you will then be able to pay your tuition.  An enrollment package will be emailed to you. This package includes several pages which needs to be filled out, signed and returned to the head trainers as soon as possible.

If you are taking psychotropic medication, you may not be allowed to enroll until you have stopped taking the medication with physician’s signature.

What is the daily agenda or schedule?

This is a full immersion programed designed with intentional exercises, build in purposeful breaks and group outings for some dinners.

What will I be eating?

Dietary requirement for the week is vegan.  Meals are not included, due to so many dietary restrictions.

The Enrollees bring simple (no cooking required) food for breakfast, snacks and lunch.  Most evenings you will be enjoying vegan dinners at a special restaurant in the town of Idyllwild, which are specially prepared for detoxing the mind and the body to help you reach new levels within and break through your barriers.

These foods are designed to aid in your process at your training and foods with sugar, meat or dairy will not be allowed.

Where is the retreat located?

Source Seminars trainings take place at Inshallah – a lovely retreat in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild, California, west of Palm Springs.

This quiet, private, and peaceful setting allows participants to leave behind the stress of their daily routine as they focus on the essentials of their lives. The scenic views and stillness of nature surrounding Inshallah Retreat further aid in the healing and connection process.

Your room at Inshallah Retreat is included in the seminar tuition. The rooms and common areas of Inshallah are nice with a warm ambiance. The nature of the seminar requires room assignments of double or triple occupancy. During the times allocated for meal breaks, participants enjoy themselves at Idyllwild’s unique restaurants.


By Auto from San Francisco Bay Area

• Take Highway 101 or 5 South to Highway 46 East

• Take Highway 99 South to Bakersfield

• To Highway 58, to 395 South

• To 15 South, take 215 South to 30 South

• To 10 East to Banning and Highway 243 South (8th Street) to Idyllwild.

• Go 26 miles through the mountains. Along the way you will pass Abba organic farm which sells fruits and veggies on your right. Go through Pine Cove and down into Idyllwild.

• Just entering Idyllwild go a bit left to stay on 243 and then right on 243.

• Go right on Toll Gate Rd. for one mile.(You will see a sign indicating this is the road to Idyllwild Arts Campus).

• At the stop sign go left up the hill on Idyllmont. When road forks, take the uphill fork, which is Middle Ridge. As soon as the road is unpaved, we are the FIRST private road on your right, tile sign on tree 52915.

By auto from San Diego

• Take the 15 North and exit 79 South (at the southern edge of Temecula).

• Go south on Highway 79 toward Indio, through the Temecula suburbs and into the country. Continue approximately 18 miles east to highway 371, and make left at stop sign onto 371.

• Continue on 371 through Anza and on to its end at Highway 74, (approximately 21 miles). Go left on 74 to Mountain Center (approximately 12 miles).

• At Mountain Center veer right on Highway 243 to Idyllwild. Just entering Idyllwild, turn left on Toll Gate Rd. (You will see a sign indicating this is the road to Idyllwild Arts Campus).

• Proceed for 1 mile. At the stop sign, turn left on Idyllmont and proceed up the hill.

• When road forks, take the left (uphill) fork, which is Middle Ridge.

• After the road becomes dirt, take the NEXT private road on your right. A tile sign on tree indicates # 52915.

By auto from Los Angeles / Ontario Airport

• Take the I-10 east, past Beaumont going towards Banning.

• Exit on 8th Street / Highway 243 going south to Idyllwild.

• Climb 26 miles through the mountains. Along the way you will pass Abba organic farm which sells fruits and veggies on your right.

• Go through Pine Cove and proceed to Idyllwild.

• Entering Idyllwild, stay on 243 (road jogs left and then right)

• After leaving “downtown” Idyllwild, turn right on Toll Gate Rd. (You will see a sign indicating this is the road to Idyllwild Arts Campus).

• Proceed for 1 mile. At the stop sign turn left onto Idyllmont; proceed up the hill.

• When road forks, take the left (uphill fork), which is Middle Ridge.

• When the road becomes dirt, take the NEXT private road on your right. A tile sign on tree indicates # 52915.

What are the rooming arrangements?

Well-appointed rooms with two or more individuals to a room are assigned.  Since socializing and bonding with fellow participants is an important part of the process, this element supports a critical aspect of the program. All participants must reside on the premises.

How many people attend a training?

Each training is generally 6-18 participants.  The facilitators keep the groups small to insure adequate time and attention are given to each individual.  Their are two head facilitators an average of one  to four staff members.  It is uniquely designed for each group.

What is the weather like in Idyllwild?

Historical average highs/lows are as follows: (highs/low in fahrenheit)

Jan 54/27, Feb 55/27, Mar 57/28, Apr 62/32, May 69/37, Jun 78/44, Jul 83/51, Aug 82/51, Sep 78/47, Oct 70/39, Nov 60/31, and Dec 55/27.

Be prepared for both average and abnormal conditions. In the cold months, most of your time will be spent indoors. The building is well-heated. Check out weather forecasts on the Internet for Idyllwild, CA. 92549

How can I get the most out of this experience?

Come with an open mind and heart and willingness to pursue your growth beyond any previous level or experience that you have had.

Is Source Seminars a non-profit oranization?

No, it is not a non-profit.

What ages are accepted?

We accept applicants from 12 years old and up with the understanding that at least one parent of the minor will attend the training prior (preferred) or immediately after the minor.

Are there any religious affiliations?

Source Seminars honors all religions and all paths. Our graduates represent a very wide range of beliefs, practices and spiritual organizations.

Is the schedule of courses subject to change?

The schedule posted on the website is subject to change based on demand and adequate enrollment.

How should I dress?

We recommend casual clothes in layers, which are non-provocative and comfortable.

A suggested packing list will be provided in your enrollment  forms.

How do I maintain my change that I experience from the training?

You will be invited to be apart of the greater Source community which is active and strong. Events throughout the year are held, providing the opportunity for graduates to stay connected.

If you would like weekly support after your course, Kerry Lee Smith offers on-going coaching support.

How long have the trainers/facilitators been conducting these workshops?

Kanta Masters and Dennis Holz have guided thousands of people through the experience of Source Seminars since 1999. Prior to that, they worked with a training mentor who passed away in 1998.

Kerry and Colin Smith started as students of Kanta and Dennis in 2005 and played an active role as staff.  In 2017 Kanta and Dennis began actively training the Smith’s to carry the legacy of Source Seminars.

Choose Inner Peace Now!

Together, let’s create your greatest leap to awaken your consciousness ~ Let’s Begin Your Journey!


Our commitment to you!

Our level of commitment to each participant is of the highest level.  Our goal for each participant is for you to reach your highest states of love, joy and experience a deep level of inner peace.  We will personally be with you every step of the way, pushing and nurturing you so that you achieve your highest potential.

This will be a week that you will ALWAYS remember and you’ll thank yourself for committing to it!

Love to ALL,

Dennis, Kanta, Colin and Kerry

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